Registration and Payment


In order to attend WUFF, you will need to register yourself on our website. Early registration will give you room booking priority, so do not hesitate and register now.
After your registration is approved, you will get an access to your profile on our website, where you will be asked to select suitable room type. When your payment will be approved by our payment system, you will be able to select your roommate. Remember, in order to live with the person you want, both of you will need to select the same room type.
After selecting the room type and any additional options, you will proceed to payment. Your payment will be processed by LiqPay system and the process itself is completely secure (WUFF does not store or process payment details). Do not wait and pay as fast as possible to secure selected room type. Clear and fresh air, outstanding environment, modern hotel - it is the best way to relax and have lots of fun! You want to sell or trade your handcraft? Want to learn something new? Feel like dancing or playing games? We have prepared different interesting activities for you at WUFF.

Important Information

Our rules:

Please, carefully read our rules before registering for WUFF 2019 (link will be later).

We also want to inform you that, starting from this year, WUFF will have new age restriction - 18+.


You should receive an email with registration confirmation link after you will register on our website, but if you will not get it within 4 hours, then you you will need to contact our registration team.

To activate your profile just click the link in the email. All attendee-profiles are processed manually and you will get an email with confirmation, after your profile will be fully processed by our registration team.



You will find the payment page in your profile. The payment should be made with credit (debit) card and will be processed by LiqPay system. WUFF does not store or process the payment details.


Getting your badge and Checking-in in the hotel

You will find one of our staff-members, who will be responsible for your WUFF registration, next to the hotel’s reception desk. In order to get your badge and attendee’s bag, you will need to show this staff-member your passport. After your registration is finished, you will be able to check-in in the hotel at the reception desk.

Please remember that your badge works not only as your ID at WUFF, but also as your event-pass - without it you will not be able to attend desired events. When you wear your badge, it should be always visible and you should not give it to another person. You will be held responsible if your badge will be lost or stolen.


Information at Convention

You will find up to date event schedule and other useful information on the whiteboard, next to the hotel’s reception desk.

If you have any additional questions about WUFF and you could not find answers on our website, then you should definitely contact us by sending an email to